I Am Addicted To The Internet

I just read a really upsetting article on the economics of online fame which mentioned how YouTube star Meghan Tonjes was headlining a concert “to screaming, crying fans” and the festival folks were making bank off her, but meanwhile she was broke as a joke and didn’t even know “whether she’d be able to afford […]

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Welcome To New York

My feelings fluctuated between excitement and terror as I sat there waiting at the gate. Excitement because of the possibilities and terror because of the uncertainty of it all. I didn’t want to waste my in-flight entertainment before I even boarded the plane, so I spent the hour and a half on my iPhone instead. I texted family and […]

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The Facebook Facade

A little over a month ago, I posted the following status on Facebook: “Just a reminder that Facebook is not real life, it’s just a highlight reel. Just because I’m taking smiling selfies in new countries everyday doesn’t mean I’m not also living in a total state of anxiety about the uncertain future. The best […]

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Jump And The Net Will Appear

In two weeks I’ll be leaving the safety and comfort of my family home and moving to New York City. I currently have no place no live, no job lined up, and only a handful of acquaintances there. But I’m really not worried. One of my favorite quotes is “jump and the net will appear.” […]

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