Ask And You Shall Receive

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Probably not the first time you’ve heard this one before. It was written almost two thousand years ago, in the Gospel of Matthew. Yet it still rings absolutely true today. This past week alone so many things have come into fruition simply because I directed my thoughts in new ways. The other day I was talking to a friend, also a life coach, and she said she’d traded services with a Reiki healer. My friend provided life coaching for her in exchange for a Reiki healing session. Now, I’m not that into the whole Reiki thing (nor do I know much about it), but I was definitely interested in this idea of trading services. Since I’m going through life coach training now, I really want to practice with people and gain experience. Because I’m still sharpening my skills, I don’t feel comfortable charging money just yet.But I would definitely accept somebody else’s service as payment! So I wrote it down, even said it out loud to multiple people, and as it happened, over the next few days opportunities came up to fulfill this desire.

Through the wonders of Grindr, I found an amateur photographer who was just starting out his business. I told him I’m an amateur life coach and offered to coach him in exchange for a photoshoot. And he accepted! Boom! I’ve also been really wanting a personal trainer to transform me from #Twink to #Twunk, so when I learned that this guy who I’ve worked a few events with is a personal trainer, I took a shot and offered him the same deal. And he said yes! So now I’m having a photoshoot and personal training session, for free–and gaining two new clients. Ladies and gentlemen, say it with me now: Law. Of. Attraction!

Here’s another example that happened this week. First some background: at the moment I’ve been getting all of my jobs through a staffing agency–a reputable one, with connections to some of the biggest brands and companies in the world. But it’s low-waged temp work nonetheless. Sometimes it’s really awesome; I meet new people (mostly actors), I work different events and roles all the time, I learn the ins and outs of start ups and established companies. And it pays the bills. The problem is, it can be inconsistent. I have worked once in the past twenty days! Granted, I was home for a week for Christmas, but still. No income for that long can cause a lot of anxiety. The thing is, though, I hadn’t even asked about any job potentials. Normally they come to me and see if I’m interested, so I sit back and wait. Not content to do that, yesterday I decided to be proactive and I shot an email to my recruiting agent. The subject line read: “I want to work this week!” “Hi Lauren,” I wrote. “Any jobs for me this week? :)” By the next morning I had opportunities and booked gigs for the rest of the week. Including my on-screen acting debut! That’s right, folks, the Oscar race has a new contender, because I am breaking out as the role of “background college student” for a new video. Boom shacka lacka!

Want more? I can think of so many other examples off the top of my head. A few weeks ago I was thinking how I wanted an expensive eye cream and a new face cleanser. I ended up working at Birchbox on the day of their employee sale and was given those items and more–over a thousand dollars worth of product–for free! Here’s another: I had googled, “What astrological sign is most compatible with Aquarius?” and I learned it was Gemini. Then I tweeted that I wanted to find a Gemini. I had a date with one later that week.  (Turned out to be a dud, though.)

There are so many signs I get, serendipitous moments, winks from God, that inform me it’s all true. When I first learned about the law of attraction I was all-in, so on board, so obsessed. And then life happened, and emotions happened, and I was skeptical. It kind of happens cyclically for me. I guess that’s common of people’s relationship to faith.

I know a lot of people think the law of attraction is bullshit, and that’s fine. I have no ego attached to the idea. I waver in my belief, too. But if you just play around with the idea, try to see it as a possibility, your world could change. I firmly believe that there’s no such thing as a coincidence. If you look at true nature of reality, you’ll see that nothing is solid, and nothing is separate. It’s all an illusion. It’s all composed of the same basic property: energy. As I said before, thoughts are energy, too. Like-energy attracts like-energy, and, therefore, thoughts become things.

I know I’m not reinventing the wheel here. I haven’t come up with any new insight. It’s a reminder of what is taught in The Secret. I love what Esther Hicks has to say about it:  “There isn’t a secret. Calling the law of attraction a secret is like calling the law of gravity a secret. Like if we don’t tell them, they’ll fall up instead of down. Law of attraction abounds and there’s not a shred of evidence to the contrary of it.” She also writes in her first book Ask And It Is Given (A New Age staple): “Once you expect something, it will come. The details of it may play out differently—but the vibrational essence will always be an exact match.”

It doesn’t mean you can manifest anything and everything on the dime. It’s a dance between us and the Universe. Between the destiny we choose and the one decided for us. Ask for what you want, then do the things you can to make it happen. And then let go. Relax. You’ve done your part. Life doesn’t just happen to you, but neither can you force life to bend to your will. Sometimes you have to leave it up to the will of God. Everything happens for a reason, and that includes the tiny details like timing. So keep your chin up, kid. Remember these truths. Remember you have more power than you realize. Just ask and you shall receive.



After I posted this a few hours ago, I turned off my computer and cell phone and went to the young adult group at the Shambhala center. Lo and behold, two more miracles occurred! I have been wanting to see a therapist for a couple weeks now, but the whole process has been overwhelming. I currently have three tabs open on Safari dedicated to my research. Who do I pick? How do I know who’s good? How much will it cost? How do I know who takes insurance? How do I know how much insurance will cover? I need therapy just to deal with the headache of finding a therapist. But anyway, at the end of the program tonight, I was talking to somebody who casually mentioned something his therapist had said. “Wait, sorry to veer off topic,” I interrupted, “But I’ve been wanting a therapist!” I rattled off my questions. He handed me his therapist’s business card (yes he had it on him) and told me she doesn’t take insurance, but she only charges $45 a session. O.M.G. So much cheaper than I imagined. And her name is Sherry–how cute is that?!

Then a second instance occurred tonight where I received what I asked for. I had been emailing with somebody in charge of volunteer services at the Shambhala center a couple of weeks ago so I could find out how to get more involved. I said I was going back to Los Angeles for Christmas, so he told me to get back in touch when I returned. I sent an email last week and hadn’t heard back. I didn’t think much of it. Randomly today, though, I was reminded of it and wondered what’s going on with that. But I let it go. And then for some reason the idea came to me to check the schedule to see when the young adult night was, and it turned out to be today. I went (obviously) and afterwards, a man made an announcement saying they were looking for volunteers. You better betcha bottom dollar I signed up! Starting next week I’m going to be the Shrine Master 🙂


One thought on “Ask And You Shall Receive

  1. Oops… you did it again! MAGIC is what your writing is! It is so refreshing to read someone else who believes that fate, destiny and God are responsible for these big “ah-ha” moments in our lives that some might confuse with coincidence. Truly an old soul trapped in a twink, I mean… twunk, body 😉 Atta boy!

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