Breaking The Bonk And Bursting Into The New Year!

Do you hear that sound? Listen carefully. Can you hear it? That’s the sound of you hitting your head against the wall. That’s called a BONK! It’s the sound you hear when you’re stuck or lost or when you’ve reached the threshold of your ability. (It’s also the sound you hear before you pick up the phone and call a life coach. Kidding! Kind of.) But you aren’t actually stuck and that wall isn’t really there. You have made up those limitations yourself. Has Cady Haron not taught you anything? The limit does not exist!  Fuck yo’ bonk! 2016 is the year of BOOM! I’m not even a KatyCat but I’m gonna let it roar: “Boom boom boom! Even brighter than the moon moon moon! It’s always been inside of you you you! And now it’s time to let it through through through!” (Yes, I’m on drugs again. #Endorphins. #EarlyMorningHikes). This is the year we are are breaking the bonk, tearing down our self-made walls, and expanding to our full capacities. My mantra for this year comes from Mommy Dearest Oprah Winfrey: “Your life is BIG–keep reaching.” Can you tell I’m pumped up? And you should be, too! We’re on the cusp of a brand new start. A new year means, as O once said, “another chance to get it right.” Now is the time to map out what you want to do and who you want to be. You have the power to completely design your experience on earth. Now is the time to live a life of one hundred percent choice.

A couple months ago I worked at the NYC Marathon Health and Wellness Expo as a brand ambassador for Bonk Breakers, a company that makes energy bars and other nutritional products (This is where I learned their trademark phrase, and it’s stuck with me ever since). The energy of the Javits Center where the expo was held that weekend was palpable. People from all sizes and ages challenged themselves to the feat of run through all five of New York’s boroughs in approximately four and a half hours. Many of these people were overweight. Many were in their seventies and even eighties! I felt pumped up watching them get pumped up, and now that feeling has returned. The dawn of a new year is upon us and I am PUMPED UP!

I know many people who despise New Year’s resolutions. I totally get it. I laugh out loud at “New Year, New Me!” memes, too. But ask yourself: how is choosing to be cynical serving you? All cynicism is just validation for laziness and unhappiness. (Okay, let’s be real: yes, the gym is going to be super crowded from January to March and then half will peace out–but that’s not going to be you!) Sure, you can technically choose a fresh start any day of the week. But there’s something about the top of a year that marks the perfect beginning. We’re all on the same page. We’re all starting off together. We can sit down, write our goals, prepare ourselves mentally, and come together to motivate one another and keep each other on track. My hope is that come December 31, 2016, I can look back and say, “My actions were aligned with my intentions this year.”

As I said in my first ever blog post: “Where we end up in life is not a coincidence. It’s a combination of our mindset and our effort. Faith plus action.” I still firmly believe this–and even printed it on my business cards. Ayo! Happiness is what you think, what you do, and the level of awareness underlying it all. In 2016, let’s think bigger. Let’s interrupt our own patterns of living and give ourselves a jolt of stimulation by doing things differently. The most challenging part, though, is maintaining awareness.

There’s a fine line between breaking the bonk and boosting the ego. This is something I struggle with all the time: remaining down to earth when I feel on top of the world. Because when you’re living your best life, your ego is inadvertently being served, too. After eating well and exercising, your body’s snatched, your skin’s clear, your mood is high, and you’re attracting positive people and opportunities. It’s all up, up, up. Along with your ego. But that same ego that builds you up will destroy you every time. It’s only through meditation that I’m able to quiet my mind–the internal voice that says “I’m the best!” or compares me to others and makes me feel like shit. Living your best life means becoming more while remaining humble and grateful and connected to the Source.

If this living your best life stuff sounds exhausting, it’s because it is. There’s so many different facets, so many pieces of the pie to pay attention to in order to have a full life. It’s normal for us to focus on some areas while unconsciously allowing other areas to suffer. You’re working so much and satisfying certain aspects, but you’re not fulfilling your Fun requirement. Or maybe relaxing has turned into indulging, and your Fitness level is plummeting. The balancing act gets overwhelming. And then we hit the point of bonk. That’s when we turn on the television to tune out the noise, or pour a bottle of wine to numb the pain. But we can only choose comfort over happiness so many times until eventually it becomes a habit, and we forget what we’re missing out on. Nothing feels as good as following through with making health, happiness, and wellness a priority. You can’t give up. You just have to accept that achieving a perfect balance isn’t possible. But we carry on regardless. This is life and it’s all we have. There is a reason for our existence in this time and place, and it is up to us to meet the expectations the Universe has for us. (Or God, or Goddess, or Source, or Yahweh. Take your pick.)

The year ahead isn’t going to be perfect. We’re going to get our hearts broken, we’re going to be broke, we’re going to be tired, we’re going to be stuck in traffic or face train delays. A lot of it is going to suck. But that up and down, ebb and flow, yin and yang-ness is inherent and necessary to the nature of life. We have the power this year to choose to do things that will bring us to new heights, while at the same time ensuring the lows are minimized and softened through our level of awareness, acceptance, and ability to let go. This is the year we turn information into action. This is the year we break through the bonk. This is the year we bloom into the people we were born to be. This is the year of BOOM. Are you pumped yet?


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